Cecconi – Brooklyn


Brooklyn Bridge – I took this photo before I went in to Cecconi for lunch

This week’s weather has been awesome hasn’t it? Finally getting out of the apartment without heavy outerwear πŸ˜€

This current post, however, is about my rather “unexpected” dining experience at Cecconi – Italian restaurant at Empire Store in Brooklyn – during cold winter day back in early January this year.

That day, I along with my uncle and aunt from Indonesia went to Brooklyn bridge park for ‘tourist’ photos πŸ˜€ and we decided to have lunch at Cecconi.

Before I move on to the food, I gotta say the restaurant’s interior was beautiful and elegant, yet cozy and warm. Loveeddd it!!

Waiting area
Dining area
Pretty bar
Really nice restroom

Okay, now lets go through the menu real quick. As you may notice, it’s a little bit pricey but it was obviously expected as the restaurant itself looked “sophisticated” πŸ˜€ On another note, my dad always teaches me that food is a gift from god so never say the food is not good (but you could probably say “not my favorite”) or the food is too expensive, just enjoy and pay for it lol. Somehow it always sticks to my head I don’t know why.

Cecconi’s lunch menu


That day I ordered agnolotti with wild mushroom and parmigiano, latte (of course), and also calamari fritti for share. My uncle had pasta of the day but I forgot what it was called and my aunt had lentil soup (which both I did not take photo of I apologize – I was too hungry already πŸ˜€ ).

Calamari fritti & my coffee latte
Agnolotti with wild mushroom and parmigianoΒ 

Overall, I loved my pasta, it was really good; it was tasty, flavorful, and deliciously cheesy. The latte was good as well, but the calamari was just okay for me.

I would, however, come back there to try other good stuff I believe they have and try some desserts. I was eyeing the tiramisu when a girl next to me ordered it. But after the pasta, I couldn’t eat anymore (at least for the next few hours – after that is another story haha).

And oh, I did mention that this dining experience at Cecconi was an “unexpected” one. Why? Becaussseeeee.. Olivia Palermo was there!

Olivia Palermo at Cecconi

I didn’t realized it was her until I got up and went to the restroom and I swear to god I was literally staring (she was so pretty). Oh my god I felt like I was such a freak πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ I hope she didn’t catch me staring at her though haha.. And when we finished eating and were going out of the restaurant, I couldn’t help it, I stole a snap of her while walking towards the door. (again, I hope she didn’t notice that). And as you can see, the photo is a bit (well actually, a lot) blurry but whatever, it’s not like I’m gonna see her anywhere again anyway right? lol.

After Cecconi, we went upstairs on Empire Store’s rooftop to take some photos of Brooklyn bridge and the area around it because as you may know, Dumbo neighborhood in Brooklyn is really pretty. It is one of my favorite places in NYC that I visit really often – and every time I come there I just have to take pictures!! And here are some of the photos I took.


Okay guys, that is all I have for today. Hopefully you enjoyed this post and may you have a warm and happy Thursday!!


Suada xx


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