Ludlow Coffee Supply – NYC

Hi there,

Two lattes and a Nutella blondie – yums!

I was enjoying my oh-so-delicious pastrami at Katz Deli the other day and looking for coffee afterwards and guess what? I found a really good coffee place that was close to Katz.

It’s called Ludlow Coffee Supply and it is located at 176 Ludlow st (Manhattan – and they have another location at 178 N8th st, Brooklyn).

As usual, I had my latte (and so did my husband – he’s such a copycat some time lol) that tasted really good and to added something sweet, I also had a Nutella blondie – it was delish and chewy and yummy and I finished it quick (duh :p ).






Other than the good stuff, I also loved the place – it was cute and cozy and would be my go-to coffeeshop when I’m around the area.

That is all for now guys!! Be sure to check out Ludlow Coffee Supply’s Instagram acc @ludlowcoffeesupply, I hope you liked this post, and happy Wednesday!!


Suada xx


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