Freehold – Brooklyn


Freehold’s coffee shop in Brooklyn

Another good coffee place in Brooklyn!! How I love Brooklyn 🙂 This one is called Freehold (located at 45 South 3rd street, Brooklyn, NY).

But first thing first, Freehold is not just a regular coffee place, there is more to it; restaurant, bar, live music, stand-up comic, cool backyard, and a lot of fun things going on there. Be sure to check out their website for more info and upcoming events.

When I visited Freehold I was going for brunch BUT, here are some tips before you go to Freehold; 1) the restaurant is usually full (especially for weekend brunch) so make sure you make a reservation and 2) the music is pretty loud so probably not the best place to have brunch with kids.

Obviously, this happens when you have toddler: (LOL)

That being said, I ended up spending my brunch time at their coffee shop instead – yes they have separate space for the coffee shop but relax, it was just as nice and cool as the other parts of the place. So nope I was not complaining at all 🙂



Besides of the cool vibe the Freehold gives you, they also serve good coffee and light bites. As usual, that day I had my mandatory latte and my usual almond croissant and loving every bit of everything we had.


That is it 🙂 don’t forget to check out Freehold‘s Instagram @thefreehold and I hope you enjoyed this post.





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