LA Trip 2017 – Disneyland

Hello guys!!


This is my first post in almost three months 😦

I’ve been really lazy lately and I hate myself for that!! But I feel like I owe it to everyone who reads this blog (and to myself) to post stuff that I promised I would in my previous posts (like this one – I promised to post my Disney trip on my previous post “LA Trip 2017 – food and places” on September 2017).

So, let’s get started!

First of all, traveling with kids (baby and toddler specifically) could be tricky. So when you go visiting theme parks, make sure you prepare everything, but try not to bring too much stuff – just enough so you could have fun without thinking too much of your overload stuff.

I got my husband and my son’s matching sweaters from cute right? lol

For me personally, other than personalized mandatory stuff (e.g., medicine, etc), I would bring these (and make sure that other than stroller, you fit all these in one small, yet practical, bag – I usually use my mini kanken backpack):

  1. Stroller (definitely – because they get sleepy and tired and cranky)
  2. Snack (only favorite ones and try to put them in ziplock bags so you don’t have to bring all bags of chips)
  3. Food (my son loves rice so I bring small portion of rice everywhere and for the side dishes, I just buy it from the restaurant nearby, but if you cook then bring only one portion of meal – because if you bring two portions, the second portion would be wasted as it’ll get spoilt or cold or simply doesn’t taste good anymore, better buy something for dinner)
  4. Water
  5. Travel pack wet tissue/baby wipes and some pocket tissues
  6. Small blanket
  7. One full set of clothe (but add another 2 or 3 t-shirts for change if they get wet or sweaty).
  8. And small towel/hand towel.

Anyways..lets move on 😀

During this trip, we only had one day for Disneyland so we only got a chance to visit Disneyland Park – Magic Kingdom (we should be back for Disney California Adventure Park for sure). Here are some of our photos from our Disney trip last year:



he’s having fun :p
Cute toilet

Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters


Star Wars Path of the Jedi


Mickey’s Toontown





The “buzz” door 😀
Goofy water!
Lunch; cheese pizza and hotdogs
Just chillin at Minnie’s house
Minnie’s house 🙂


Forgot the name of the show but it was a great show
Dinner – yummss

Obviously there are more to see at Disneyland!! We actually did manage to go to all “locations” (e.g., fantasyland, New Orleans square, etc) but it was already getting dark that we didn’t take more pictures as we should. As for the rides, there was no way we could go on all the rides as the line was pretty crazy – but then again, it’s the happiest place on earth so just being there has its own perks anyway 🙂

But ohh..this one below is definitely a must-photo scene from Disney. Never skip the fireworks you guys!! It is always my favorite part from Disneyland.


Okay that is it guys. I hope you enjoyed it and hopefully I could move on from being a lazy cat like Garfield to Russell from the cartoon UP who’s optimistic and very enthusiastic that I could write more 😀 😀 😀

Have a great Tuesday!!





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