Ground Support Cafe – NYC

Hi there!!

Strolling around Soho for a good coffee place teeheeee.. (Bag: Celine, T-shirt: Pull n Bear, Jeans: Paige, and Shoes: Adidas Original)

It’s getting cold here in NYC – just when I thought summer was never gonna end. lol.

Anyway, I’m gonna share one of my favorites coffee place here in NYC (yeah I kinda head over heels in love with coffee, especially latte, so I have tons of favorite coffee places haha..please bear with me 😛 ). If you haven’t already, please do try Ground Support for their coffee and sandwich in Soho (399 W Broadway, NY) area.

That day I had my usual coffee latte and  grilled cheese while my husband had iced coffee. I loved loved loved the latte!! the coffee was so good and I even got to enjoy the iced coffee, which I normally not really keen on having 😀 And what’s more? if you scroll down you can see even my toddler managed to steal a sip on the iced coffee haha.. And oh, the grilled cheese was also really good.

Coffee latte
Grilled cheese – sourdough pullman loaf, roasted tomato, caciocavallo, and fresh basil
My latte and my husband’s iced coffee
one sip (or two) should be fine lol

besides the good coffee and sandwich, one thing that I love from this coffee spot is actually the place itself. The place is not too big nor too small; the space is just right, the design and ambience is really cozy and I was fortunate enough that that day, I got to seat at my fave spot from the entire place, that is, we got to seat on the chair that is facing the street. I love enjoying coffee while gossiping with my husband ( 😛 ) and watching people walking around on the street (I think it’s fun or am I being weird? nah..I’m pretty sure most of you like to seat and watching people right? lol).


Okay that is it. I hope you enjoyed this post. For more information on Ground support, kindly check them out at their website and if you love dogs, go to their Instagram page @groundsupport as they post tons of dog images (while claiming “avoiding food porn since day one” – smart lol).

Have a great day good people!!

XOXO – Suada



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