LA Trip 2017 – Food & Places



January this year, I and my little family went to LA for 5 days and 4 nights (nope, this was not my first trip to LA but I have not been there for a very long time and so I was really excited for this trip). It was actually another Disney trip for us and we spent one full day at Disneyland and another full day in Seaworld San Diego (I’m going to write the post on these separately because otherwise there will be too many photos πŸ˜€ ). That means, we only had two and a half days to go around LA and hunting for good food.

For two and a half days, I’m actually quite proud of the places we managed to visit and the food we got to munch haha..Well, without further a do, here is a little story of our LA trip:


IN-N-OUT Burger ( )

First stop was obviously, In-n-out burger!! I was dying to try this famous burger and so right after we landed and checked in at our hotel, we went straight to in-n-out burger.

The line was pretty long but not as long as the line in Shake Shack Times Square πŸ˜€ Anyways, if you see the menu on the top, you may see that they only have 3 burger menus; double double, cheeseburger, and hamburger, but actually, you could kinda “customize” the menu (e.g., 3×3 which means the burger comes with 3 patties inside, animal style, protein style, etc). I did not know about this though, so I just had regular cheeseburger (which was so goooddd by the way – to me, the burger tastes like a greasy traditional burger and it was really tasty and I cannot really compare it to shake shack because they’re just different – while in-n-out is more “homey” and “traditional”, shake shack is more “gourmet” and “current”. Also, the price of the cheeseburger is way cheaper than shake shack, I couldn’t remember the exact price but it was about $3 or $4) along with fries and shakes (that also very yummy). But I met my friend who lives in LA the next day and she told me that I should have ordered the animal style. Such that, I was planning on having another round of in-n-out burger before going back to New York but nope, did not have enough time, which also means, I should go back to LA some time in the future. lol.

Pink’s Hotdog ( )


I have heard about Pink’s Hotdog a lot and I saw them on TV a couple of times and so I was curious. I mean, what could be so special about hotdog right?

Chilli cheese dog by Pink’s Hotdog ($4.95)

But, oh, well, do I need to explain more? I mean, this photo does not even give justice to the taste. To me, the taste was way yummy-er than the photo and I was so happy to try this hotdog. The chilli was soooo good. Oh, and the size was really big too. I think that adds one point. haha.

Milk ( )Β 


Dessert place!! Yeayy!!

We went to Milk to try whatever sweet and good and when we got there, it was kind of confusing because everything looked sweet and good (oh help me god πŸ˜€ )

Anyways, we could only managed to try their ice cream and macaron ice cream sandwich that night. I wanted to try their cookies and cupcakes as well but we just had pink’s hotdog and we could not have more. lol

Red velvet ice cream – I loved it but if I had to be honest, I would still prefer Sprinkles’ red velvet ice cream, but this one was good too πŸ™‚
Oh so in love with this Thai Tea Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich!! Look at the color!!

The Pie Hole ( )

Apparently, a friend of mine from Indonesia was also Β in LA for holiday and with the help from YELP, we decided to meet at Pie Hole in Hollywood Blvd.

us with friends at The Pie Hole – Hollywood

The place was cozy and they had items for sale (e.g., hats, tote bag, etc), which was cute (I always like the pairing of coffee shops and mini store selling their own original product – can’t really explain why πŸ˜€ )

That night, we had Shepherd’s Pot Pie and I had latte of course πŸ˜› The pie was really good, the filling was generous and tasty, and the latte was also good. Overall, I love this place πŸ™‚

Mr. Holmes Bakehouse ( )

“I got baked in Los Angeles”

Saving the best for our last day in LA, Mr. Holmes Bakehouse is definitely the place I had planned to visit even way before we booked our ticket haha.. My mouth watered by just looking at the photos of their baked goods. Okay, I’m being dramatic – that’s just how I pictured my reaction in my mind lol.

Anyways, we went to the Highland Park location and we were actually a bit late because I did not think they would be closed at 3 PM. I just checked the operating hours on our way and apparently, they close at 2.30 PM on weekdays and 3 PM on weekends (so if you plan to go there, I suggest you go in the morning)

The place was really really cute. I loved the interior, it was simply chic and modern.

And the best part is obviously, their baked goods. OH MY GOD they were soooo good. Even my husband, who doesn’t really like sweets, loved it, and he actually ate 2 of the donuts haha.

The sad part though, we did not get the crufin 😦 I hated when I’m late and didn’t get what I wanted to buy!! But, what can I say, at least it was good enough that I got the donut (and the Ferrero Roche croissant) that tasted AMAZING!!

That day, they had two different donut flavors, peanut butter something I could not remember and lime, and the peanut butter was definitely the winner (the texture of the donut was moist and the filling was light and so delicious); it was crazy good that we were thinking of going back there to buy more for our treats on the plane hahaha. But we didn’t go back though, because we still have one more place to go before we went home – Egg Slut.

Egg Slut ( )

Egg Slut has several locations and that day we went to the one inside Grand Central Market in Downtown LA.Β IMG_1225

Egg Slut has been really famous in social media – I have been super curious to try them and so I was really happy I could finally try the famous egg slut (and we also bought the SLUT – as I quote from their website, SLUT is cage-free coddled eggΒ on top of a smooth potato purΓ©e, poached in a glass jar, topped with gray salt and chives, served with slices of baguette – This is really delicious you guys, but I didn’t take a photo of it because we actually ate it at the airport and that was after the security officers wouldn’t allow us to take it on the plane because the potato puree in the jar was considered liquid – so we had to get rid of the jar first and then bring the food inside – it was a lot of work to enjoy the SLUT but I gotta tell you, it was worth it. Yes the SLUT was THAT GOOD).

Egg Sluts in the making
Tadaaa..; Sausage, egg, & cheese and Fairfax eggslut sandwiches

SO YUMMY!! I couldn’t say more, it was just plain delicious. And, you know what? I think it was about 2 months ago, I was walking around Soho,NY and there was an eatery I could not remember the name but they serve Egg Slut (with the sign “egg slut sold out” in front of the door lol) and so I thought “oh its here now” but I haven’t tried the one here in New York though. Lets see if I could find the place again (oh my).


The Grove LA ( )

As part of the historical Farmers Market, The Grove LA is an entertainment complex that is quite famous and since everyone I know seems to go there when they’re in LA, thought we’d give it a go πŸ™‚

I really like the place; the stores were nice, the outdoor design was actually quite romantic (or was it because it was in the evening? I’m not sure πŸ˜€ ) and they have a cinema there, which is important. lol. Overall, will definitely come here whenever I go back to LA haha..

gotta love the water fountain!!

My Favorite book!! (the movie not so much; although I’m crazy for both Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan tee-heeee)
The only way we could get (almost) decent family picture

Hollywood Sign

This is real touristy but hey, it’s the famous Hollywood Sign!! You just have to take photo of it πŸ˜€



Hollywood Walk-of-Fame


Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA – )



Rodeo Dr (and a quick chocolate treats at Teuscher Chocolates & Cafe)


Cedars Sinai Medical Center

30 years ago I was born in this hospital!! I was going to get in and ask if my mom’s doctor was still there but we couldn’t park anywhere and we had flight to catch, so I guess I’ll see you later LA πŸ™‚


The flight – JET BLUE ( )

As usual, we used Jet Blue for our flight & hotel πŸ™‚

Is it because the flight is longer to LA (around 6 hours) that the plane is also way nicer than the one used for shorter flights? I don’t know but I love this plane more than the one used to fly for shorter hours (e.g., Boston, Florida, etc) haha..

The Hotel – Desert Palms Hotel & Suites ( )

We were thinking of staying in one of Disney’s hotels but apparently, the locations of Disney’s hotels were not within walking distance (they have shuttle bus) and so we decided to stay in this hotel called Desert Palms Hotels & Suites that was really close to Disneyland so we could walk to the happiest place on earth, Disneyland πŸ™‚

As you may see, the room was nice and clean, and microwave is a crucial thing to have when you have kids and so this hotel was a really good choice for us (not to mention, the price was also cheaper than Disney’s Hotels, so it was all good haha).

Okay that is it πŸ™‚

I hope you guys enjoyed reading my LA trip story. If you have any questions at all, shoot me an email at πŸ™‚




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