Supermoon Bakehouse – NYC

Hi everyone!!

I was crazy excited when I heard the news that Ry Stephen (co-founder of Mr. Holmes Bakehouse) was going to open up a bakery right here in NYC.


The bakery is called SUPERMOON BAKEHOUSE and it just opened earlier this month (around Oct 7 if I’m not mistaken; I was going to check the bakery out on that date but boy their good stuff was sold out by 10 AM). This may not be Mr. Holmes Bakehouse but still, they have cruffin and donut and croissant so I thought the taste would not be that much different right (and I didn’t get to taste the cruffin when I went Mr. Holmes Bakehouse in LA so I was still so excited that they offer cruffin here in NYC).


I finally managed to go to SUPERMOON BAKEHOUSE and took my cousin and niece from Connecticut along with me yesterday morning. Yeayy!!

Although we got there at 11 AM, some of the baked goods were sold out 😦 but they had the cruffin so I wasn’t that sad 😀

Smashed Choc-nut Brownie Cruffin (croissant muffin) – filled with a smashed pecan chocolate brownie and chocolate creme topped with smashed brownie and caramelized macadamia nuts

So, I got each of everything they had left at the bakehouse and got to enjoy a good latte with my family so it was a good good day 🙂

These were what we had at the bakehouse – Golden Boy Donut (golden brioche, milk chocolate honey ginger ganache, and honey chocolate nougat) and Smashed Choc-nut Brownie Cruffin. (Shoes: Gucci)
Obviously latte is a must – and it was a good latte as well
I brought the rest (another cruffin, pistachio croissant, pastrami croissant, golden boy donut, triple black donut, and matcha donut) home for breakfast and for my husband (can’t finish them all alone right 😛 )

Not only that, we managed to humiliate ourselves by keep taking photos of ourselves inside. LOL. Well, what can I say? The interior of the bakehouse is stellar and the packaging? it’s like, the coolest packaging ever; I am so going to keep the box haha..


So in love with the place; very cozy, cool, trendy, and have everything you need to keep you taking photos 😀


The baked goods? Without a doubt so yummy!! The cruffin was amazing and to be honest, what makes all these yummy goodness as tasty as they are is actually the dough. I mean, it’s really really good; you could put only jam in their plain croissant and you could have the best breakfast already. But, if I had to compare, Mr. Holmes Bakehouse’s donut fillings is still more yummy and tasty and light than Supermoon Bakehouse’s donut (but still, you gotta try them all because they are good and yummy).

Almost forgot, the price? it was okay; the average price is $5 each and I paid a total of $50 (tax included) for 9 pieces of baked goods. And the latte costs 4 dollars. All is good 🙂

Okay that is it guys. Hope you enjoyed this post and that it makes you drool 😀 😀 😀

For more information on Supermoon Bakehouse, please go to their website at and check out their photos on their Instagram page @supermoonbakehouse

Have a good Thursday!!

XOXO – Suada




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