Short Trip to Sandwich, MA and Thomasland Edaville


Today I am going to share a bit about my last Halloween trip to Sandwich, MA and a visit to Edaville 🙂

Sandwich, MA

Why Sandwich, MA? A) it was close to Edaville, B) Edaville is located in Carver, MA and I believe there was nowhere to stay over (e.g., hotels), and C) The route back home let me stop over at my favorite bakery, Pastiche, in Rhode Island (I will write about it in separate blog post after this one).

So, it was last year’s Halloween and we did not have any plan at all so we decided to go to  Thomasland in Edaville because I read online that they were celebrating halloween (with trick or treats and all). And since Edaville is in Massachusetts, I asked a very good friend of mine, who has two children and lives in Boston, to celebrate halloween together.

Hello world! this is my friend Pipo with her husband Lucas and their kids Gaby and Noah

I have never been to Sandwich, MA before but to be honest, I loved the town. It was a very small and nice town. Very quite very relaxing. It was definitely a weekend well spent 🙂

In addition, Sandwich, MA has some well-known ice cream shops like @twinacres and I couldn’t remember the rest but they were closed in the winter so I didn’t get to try them (perhaps it’s a sign that I should go back? hmm).


Here are some good stuff (by stuff I mean my hotel and food I got to try in my short stay in Sandwich, MA) I got to experienced in Sandwich, MA and Edaville:


Sandwich Inn & Suites

I am in love with this hotel!! Sandwich Inn & Suites ($260 for 2 nights) was really lovely and not to mention super clean. I did not expect it to be this great but thanks to we really enjoyed our short stay there 🙂

See? It was like having our own little cottage in the middle of nowhere (in a good way though lol)

The room was really nice and really clean and they have everything you need in the bathroom. love love love!!


Seafood Sam’s

Seafood Sam’s is located at 6 Coast Guard Rd and we went there because obviously it’s seafood! and it was really close to my hotel.

The restaurant, as you may see, is really nice, huge, and has this capecod-seafood-ambience. I cannot really explain it but I hope you understand what I’m trying to say haha. And oh, they have that really cute lobster thing (the thing that vibrates when you’re food is ready – what is it again? 😀 ) that lights up when your food is ready.

Seafood galore; calamari, broiled salmon with rice pilaf, and popcorn shrimp

All in all, the food were good. It was not spectacular though but ok. And if you noticed on the photo that no one at the restaurant that day, it was because we got there early. By the time we finished people were coming in.

Also, Seafood Sam’s has this huge backyard and our kids loved it


Krua Thai

We stopped at Krua Thai (100 Main St, Buzzards Bay, MA) the night after Thomasland and despite of the facade of the restaurant that looks like a small homey house, the food was really good! Thank god we stopped by. I did not get to take photo of all the food we ordered that day though because our kids were already tired and grumpy and cranky so we were pretty occupied lol. But here are some of the food (and drink) I got to capture.

 Here you could see lobster cream cheese rangoon, tom kha, and Thai iced tea. These were so delicious. We also ordered basil fried rice and fried chicken and they were just as good. So happy we got to find this place :):):)



Edaville holds several small theme parks and Thomasland is one of them. If your kids love Thomas & Friends, I think it’s a good idea to bring them there. Nope, it’s nothing like Disneyland or Sesame place but still, for Thomas & Friends’ fans, it would still be just as fun. I mean, what could be more fun that riding on Thomas the train right?



Overall, Thomasland is a fun place with fun rides and nice shops. It is indeed highly recommended especially for boy toddlers. But all kids will have fun there and when your kids are happy, so are the parents, so please do come and play in Thomasland Edaville 🙂


Another park that you can find inside Edaville is Dinoland. Dinoland is a smaller park with I think one or two small rides but it is basically, literally, a dinoland; you will walk around a big park with all dinosaurs one your right and left. And since I came at the of Halloween, it was actually more fun because they decorated the Dinoland with skeletons and pumpkins and everything scary. It was actually pretty dope.


Okay, I think that is it. We did not plan for a Halloween party last year (2016) but it ended up great, but I hope we have a plan for this year so I could actually dress up (even though I bought a pink power ranger onesie just for fun but it was too cold that day I just couldn’t haha). Oh my, it was only few years ago when I was still in Boston during postgraduate study, I and my cousin were really on it for our halloween party at a club with friends. We got our costume ready and frankly I was still a tiny girl and now ( feels like a wake up call) I’m a mom who goes to Thomasland for Halloween. LOL. How time flies. Okay I talk too much. But it’s true though, time flies, so go out there and enjoy life!!

Happy Friday Y’all!!



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