Pastiche Fine Dessert – Providence, RI

Hi there!

Pastiche is a very nice European-style cafe and is one of my favorite dessert places ever! it is located 92 Spruce St, Providence, RI and I used to go there when I was still living in Boston.

Their Fruit tart is AMAZING and It is actually worth it to travel there only for the tart lol.

Look at that very yummy fruit tart; I took this shot during my Boston days


If you read my previous post “Short trip to Sandwich, MA & Thomasland Edaville” I mentioned that I went to Pastiche on our way back to NYC. Their fruit tart was already in my head but sadly, yeah sadly, they did not have the fruit tart because the fruits were out of season. BOOhOOo.. But they had this berry (all berries) tart as a substitute I guess. The vanilla custard they put under the usual fruits and the tart itself tasted exactly the same. So the only difference was the fruits, but still, I was craving for the fruit tart so I was a bit disappointed.

But then again,

It was a dessert place right? So I couldn’t get sad that long 😀 So I ended up enjoying some yummy stuff (and good latte) such as these:

Two Lattes, Cannoli, and the yummy Banana Cream Tart

And of course to satisfy my then-craving, I had the berry tart 😀 The Berry Tart was also delicious and yummy though don’t get me wrong but still, I’m gonna have to go back for the fruit tart because I just checked and they have it now haha!

Berry  Tart – also delicious

All in all, although I didn’t get my fruit tart, I had a nice afternoon that day with my little family.

Hopefully I will get my fruit tart soon! Wait for me fruit tart!! 😀 😀 😀


Suada XOXO


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