Clinton St Baking – NYC

Hi there,

Blueberry pancake is definitely one of the best pancakes ever made in the entire world right? And I believe in my heart (and in my tummy 😀 ) that Clinton St Baking (located at 4 Clinton St, New York) has one of the best pancakes ever!! Not only they serve super yummy pancake, they also have other yummy food that are just as good 🙂


In the morning, the line at Clinton St is crazy but but but not so much at night. And the best part is, they serve their pancakes for dinner as well. WHEEEE!! Obviously, I went there at night that day; so I could avoid the long line and enjoy my pancake peacefully. lol.


In addition, due to their super yummy pancake, Clinton St now has several locations everywhere; NYC, Tokyo, Dubai, Singapore, and Bangkok. How cool is that? Check out their website at for their locations and menu and also their Instagram page @clintonstbakingco for those delicious photos 🙂

So, this is what I and my little family enjoyed that day (when exactly I forgot 😀 )


These little biscuits are one of the best biscuits ever. I mean, they are complimentary but how come they made it so yummy? Can I bring some more home? :p

Chicken Tortilla Soup – delicious

This was the soup of the day and it was really good. A bit spicy but really really delicious

The famous blueberry pancake

Oh god help this is so good 😀 I am not sure if you could see it but the pancake is so moist and just melt in your mouth. And the blueberry sauce? Who doesn’t like blueberry sauce right?!

My husband ordered Buttermilk fried chicken dinner; with honey-tabasco sauce, house slaw, jalapeño cornbread, a choice of one side (the photo on the right). The side he ordered was either potato pancakes or chicken apple sausage. I believe it was chicken apple sausage (I couldn’t remember) but whatever it was it was good.

Finally, I love everything that is edible at Clinton St. LOL. If you haven’t tried them yet please please do and share the love!!

And oh, the place is also nice; kinda like diner but not really. Anyway, it was cozy and overall just a great place to munch and chat really 🙂

I am also curious about their eggs Benedict though. Will probably have it for my next visit 😀

Hope you enjoyed this post!



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