OMG Dessert Goals 2017

Hello Sweet people!!

I’m very excited to tell you about OMG Dessert Goals second event this year!! I also went to the first event and I just posted a writing about it like 5 minutes ago. I hope you enjoyed that post. Anyways, I gotta tell you, I was so happy with the latest event because not only I got to eat all the sweets last Saturday but this time, I had companiesss yeayyyy; my cousin and my niece got tickets woohoooo.

Eat dessert first!! me on the left, my cousin in the middle, and my niece on the right

So, the event, well, it was obviously one of my favorites event and there is nothing to tell here except; all the sweets and the nicely decorated photo garden (where you could take pictures of not only yourself but also all the sweets over colorful and fun canvas and decorations). The event held some fun workshops as well but I didn’t attend to any of it. Not because I wasn’t interested but I have a toddler waiting for me in the car because (most times) he does not want to go accompany his daddy for coffee so I didn’t really have time for weekend workshops 😀 And oh, the place (Dobbin St) by the way, is seriously dope! I’m pretty sure I mentioned this in my OMG Dessert Goals 2016 post LOL. That’s how much I love Dobbin st. Also, I always love that they give free boxed water at the entrance – sooo in love with boxed water I don’t know why 😛

Okay okay I’ll stop talking and here’s what I got from OMG Dessert Goals event last Saturday:

Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream (@vanleeuwenicecream)

I have been in love with Van Leeuwen’s ice cream for some time now. Their Vanilla ice cream is to die for and I am not even a fan of vanilla ice cream; so if you haven’t tried their ice cream please do 🙂 Anyways, at this event, I got to try Van Leeuwen’s three different flavors bon bon ice cream. I am not sure if they have it in store because I believe they only sell the bonbon for the event but check out their Instagram page to make sure.

Rare Bird Sweets & Baked Goods (@rarebirdsweets)

It was my first time trying rare Bird and that day, I got to enjoy their Dulce de Leche pastry. It was delicious and my favorite part is that it was not too sweet. Really really good. Wish I had bought more but my stomach couldn’t take any more food haha..yeaahh I was getting a bit wild with all the sweets around 😀 so please check out their page they have beautiful and mouthwatering photos of their baked goods.

Underwest Artisanal Cake Donuts (@underwestdonuts)

Oh My God!! my new fave donut!! yes yes yes!! hands down! so good! the maple donut is crazy amazingly yummy and the raspberry is definitely the best raspberry donut I have ever tried. no more explanation needed. Just run (yes run don’t walk) to their shop inside the Westside Highway Carwash (638 W 47th Street, NYC) and buy everything.

Boqueria (@boqueria)

Oh my this Churro S’mores was amazing. Boqueria only sold this one item and it was sold out. We were lucky enough to get one 😀 seriously though, this is really delicious. Thank god Boqueria has several restaurants in New York so I could go there and get one of these!

Stache of Goods (@stacheofgoods)

I gotta be honest, I am not really into macarons (though I love them with tea – without tea, I find them a bit sweet). But since macarons is mandatory when you’re in Paris, I was lucky enough to have tried some of the best (in my personal opinion) macarons in Paris such as Laduree, Pierre Herme, and the giant macaron sold at a train station (seriously this giant macaron I accidentally bought at which train station I don’t even remember was really good). My favorite flavor has always been rose (and caramel for Pierre Herme) and so I tried this Panda shaped rosewater flavor from Stache of goods and it was actually really nice. I actually loved it (though better with tea still haha). This one is not only cute (panda is my favorite, so much love for panda that I call my husband panda 😀 ) but also yummy. What more can you expect from a macaron right?

Ring Ding Bar (@ringdingbar)

Ring Ding Bar has definitely an appealing looks right? It looks interesting and somehow fun and when I saw these round shaped cakes I just had to buy them. I bought Nutella and PB&J. My favorite? Definitely PB&J. It was really nice. I m also curious for their French toast and pistachio flavor but I couldn’t do more than 2 of these that day 😀 perhaps for next time.

Rebecca’s Cake Pops (@rebeccascakepops)

How cute are these?? I bought several cake pops just because I feel like having them all haha. And to be honest, I have not eaten any of them. I can’t.. they are too cute. So I couldn’t tell how they taste (not yet at least). I’m sorry but they are too pretty.

Jae NYC Eats (@jaenyceats)

Cakies-Artisanal Twinkie Inspired

This one is always my favorite! I had them at the first event and I had them again last Saturday. They are so good!! These ones are raspberry and I believe funfetti? I forgot but I’m pretty sure you can guess which one is which right? lol. TWINKIES FOR LIFE!!

Taiyaki NYC (@taiyakinyc)


I have always been curious for this Taiyaki fish ice cream. Although they have a store downtown, I somehow always missed it. And so I was really happy to see them last Saturday!! I finally got to try it haha. And it was so good. The matcha ice cream was not too sweet it was just right and I just love the fish. I love everything “fishy” 😀 And I’m sorry the photo is too dark. It was because I already had too much stuff on my hand and my iPhone was already covered with cinnamon, sugar, and chocolate :p It was fortunate that I could get one photo considering my situation in that particular time LOL.

The Brick Boutique (@thebrickboutique)


The only thing I regret from this event is probably only buying one of this oh so good cookie or tart or whatever goodness it was. This traditional Taiwanese pineapple tarts (with the fun American twist – as I quote from their Instagram page) is soooo good. Back home in Indonesia, we have similar cookie called “nastar” that also filled with pineapple jam. That is actually the only reason why I bought this cookie in the first place and guess what? not only they taste similar hence feels like home, but  I think they tasted even better *cry cry cry. Will have to buy more next time 🙂

Silk Cakes (@silkcakes)

I have tried Silk cakes several times before. I have been to their outlets and I think their cakes are delicious. Definitely one of my favorites cake shops ever. That day, they sold this pretty Sakura Blossom Cake and my cousin bought one. But I did not try it because I couldn’t do no more cake or anything edible. I’m sorry but my stomach had reached its full capacity when we bought this. But I am sure 100% that they are yummy. I mean look at that!!

So, that is all I could share about the sweetness I experienced on the second event of OMG Dessert Goals. As always, I love attending to this event. Best of luck for these girls (apologies that your eyes were closed I did not realize that until now after I uploaded this photo lol)


And I look forward to attending more of this sweet event in the future. For those of you who did not come to the event, keep yourself alerted as I heard in the news that they are going to hold another event in August (NYC) and some time in June (LA).


Much Love XOXO


4 thoughts on “OMG Dessert Goals 2017

  1. Omg!!!! Everything looks super delicious! My mouth is watering just by looking at the photos. I’ve never heard of this event and I will love to attend. Thank you for sharing ❤️

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      1. Hey girl! Yes I have saved the name of the event and I’ll be on a look out for the next one here in NYC! Are you from NYC? Love your blog

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