OMG Dessert Goals 2016



I was so excited to write about the latest OMG Dessert Goals event (an event – a dessert market – for all sweet tooth in New York City) that was held last Saturday. However, after I finished writing about it I just remembered that I have not written about the first event, which I actually attended, last year. Bummer!


Before I post my writing about the latest OMG Dessert Goals, let me write and post about the first one first so you could compare the two events perhaps? 😀 or not, or, just let me brag about it then 😀


The first OMG Dessert Goals event was held on October 23rd 2016 at Dobbin st (same place as this year’s event) and I actually went there by myself because a friend of mine, the one who actually told me about the event, did not get a ticket. Sad but it’s dessert right? So I just had to go (I got a ticket even though it was sold out real fast – so proud of myself haha) and hence my sweetly “me time” that day.

Anyways, without further ado, here’s all the sweets I got that day:

Mini Melanie NYC (@minimelanienyc)


I LOVE Mini Melanie!! It was not my first time enjoying these so good truffles actually. I got to try my first Mini Melanie during Val’s Day at a Louis Vuitton store in Manhattan :D. Apparently LV gave their customized Mini Melanie to its customers that day. And I fell in love with it ever since. I bought their cakes and truffles and I was so happy that I could find them during OMG Dessert Goals and  a bit sad when I learned that they didn’t participate for the second event. Anyways, Mini Melanie truffles are sooooo goooooddd you just have to try them. try every flavors. My favorite flavors are red velvet and chocolate cake.

Joey Bats Sweets (@joeybatssweets)

Joey Bats Sweets made a very delicious warm and crispy Pastel De Nata. It looks to me like egg/sweet custard? it tasted similar too but this is so yummy and crispy and light! So good you can eat 5 of those at a time haha.

Jae NYC Eats (@jaenyceats)

These twinkles inspired cake by Jae NYC eats are soooo gooodddd!! They participated again in the second event so I was just really happy about it. At the first event I got Banana Foster and Cookies and Cream. The cookies and cream I did not really like, it was just ok for me, but the banana foster oh my god it was amazing! so yummy so delicious. Bravo!!

Little Treats Brigadeiros (@littletreatsnyc)

Little Treats NYC sells this cute little Brazilian candies. I bought the small box of 4 and my favorite was the chocolate ones. So good. Keep up the good work little candies!!

BAONANAS (@baonanas)

Baonanas, originally from Jersey City, sells banana pudding. That day, I tried their original banana pudding (they have other flavors such as matcha and Oreo) and it was so damn good!! They have everything you ever wanted in a banana pudding; bananas obviously, sweet yummy gooey taste/texture, and the crumble blaahhhh so good. Please open up in New York Baonanas. Would love to have you here 😀

Bittles (@bittlesnyc)

Bittles makes cereal infused cake pops on a spoon and from the event, I bought their Rockin’ Rainbow Bittles that is made with fruity pebbles cereal. As you may see from my photos, it is so good. A tad bit too sweet for my taste but only by little. The cake was moist and I love the crunch from the cereal. Love it!!

Okay that was all I got from the event. Obviously they had more vendors but my stomach couldn’t do it all. Sorry. 😀

Moreover, I also took some photos of the event itself and place (Dobbin St), which I thought was an amazing and pretty and cool place. I would have loved to hold my wedding after party there (but I had my wedding party 6 years ago so perhaps for 10th year anniversary party?lol).

All in all, I enjoyed attending to the first OMG Dessert Goals event. We were only allowed to be inside for 1.5 hours but I think it was great so it gives us more room to move, less crowded, we don’t bump to each other and I think it was enough time for us to enjoy the sweets as you may get your brain sweetly freezes if you spent more than 2 hours there 😀

so..on to my next post for the second OMG Dessert Goals event.



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