Indonesia trip 2016 – Bali Culinary #1 – Coffee

Hi there!

On my last year’s trip to Indonesia, I also visited Bali. Bali is not only famous for its beaches but also its food and beverages. Before I write about the food, let me start with one of my favourite drinks; Coffee!

There are lots of coffee spots/bar in Bali. But since I was only there for a couple of days (with quite tight schedule – I went there with my big family and that means a group more than 20 people 😀 we had fun though) I could only try some.

Okay lets start,

First stop, Kopi Kultur (

Me and My dad are coffee lovers and we found this nice place in Badung-Kerobokan (seminyak) area in Bali where you could find Tokyo Skipjack (specialised in steak; I had tried Tokyo Skipjack few times in jakarta and I love the steak but that day we only went for coffee so we only had coffee) and Kopi Kultur. I assume they collaborate or something because you’ll find them at one place. Anyways, I had latte of course and so did my dad and we both love the latte. It was a good coffee and I love the place. if you’re around this area though, there is a cafe behind it called TITIK TEMU; they also serve coffee but we didn’t notice it until after we finished so we didn’t get to try their TITIK TEMU’s coffee but it was also a really really nice place. You guys should really check it out if you’re in the area.

Hello world this my daddy 😀
Latte by Kopi Kultur

On to the second coffee place we tried the next day; REVOLVER (

Revolver Espresso is pretty phenomenal in Bali. They’re like really famous and because of that, my cousin woke me up very early in the morning to try this coffee. And so I and my mom, cousins, and uncles went to revolver to try not only their coffee but also to have breakfast. I gotta say, this place is pretty damn cool. Not only the place is really nice but the breakfast and coffee were really good. Now I understand why they are a must try because everything about them is just right 🙂

Revolver Espresso has a selfie booth; LOVE IT


Latte and one of my favourite tables ever – people all over the world slip money under the glass table and write stuff on it
The Revolver; poached eggs, smashed avocado, salsa on sourdough
Bang Bang; seasonal fruit, yogurt, granola, little honey
Bulls Eye; house muesli, goji berry, coconut, cranberry, fresh fruit with almond milk
Double Barrel; folded scrambled eggs with tomato, basil, parmesan, sourdough
And they have this kelseymontague-like wall art lol

And the last one we tried during our Bali trip was SAVAGE KITCHEN (

We actually stumbled into The Savage Kitchen while we were on our way to Lalaguna Beach and we bought their cold brew coffee. I’m personally not a fan of cold brew (although I buy them a couple of times lol) but I gotta say this one is pretty good. And the place was actually newly open and it was a really good place for coffee and relaxing (what else you would do in Bali other than slacking and relaxing right? 😀 ).

Cold brew coffee by the savage kitchen

I’m pretty much sure those three are the only coffee places we tried; if I found more I would probably update this post lol.

So I hope you enjoyed that. I still have more coffee places I want to share when I was in jakarta though. I would probably do it tonight or tomorrow; well hopefully soon (while my babymonkey who’s going to be 4 years old in few months is having his nap 😀 ). But I have more from Bali so please stay tuned.




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