Balaboosta – NYC


First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017!!

I should have posted something about new year but I didn’t really go anywhere new so i couldn’t post any nice fireworks photos 😀 (I did see fireworks from Sesame Place though but I already wrote about Sesame Place so I didn’t really have anything fun to write about my new year party lol).


I really want to share my experience having brunch in Balaboosta (214 Mulberry st, New York) with my friends because this place is awesome; the food actually comes in first order before the place and the good company 😀

nice place
munching friends 😀

So, what we ordered from Balaboosta on that beautiful Saturday afternoon were this:

Mediterranean Sampler ($14); housemade hummus, labne, and matbucha served with za’atar pita

For me, this Mediterranean Sampler was actually the best of all other menus we ordered. Those hummus, labne, and matbucha were so delicious and just perfect with the pita bread. I am definitely coming back there and have this. Literally!

Scrambled Eggs ($14); feta, sumac, & green salad

For the entree, I had scrambled eggs. I know I usually go with something sweet but I have been cutting my sugar intake for a while now (because my dad has diabetes so I have to be a little bit careful if I still wanted to eat sweets until i’m old 🙂 ). But I still eat sweets though, just not as often as I used to do. Anyways, Balaboosta’s scrambled eggs was delicious and silky and yummy, but i gotta admit i have had better scrambled eggs before. BUT, I finished my egg beautifully and scrumptiously with that mediterranean sampler in every bite of my egg. That is just how much I enjoyed that sampler 😀 So I wouldn’t mind having these two menus together again in the future because they are so good together 🙂

Braised Short Ribs Hash ($17); fried egg, cilantro yogurt sauce, and grilled sourdough

My friend ordered this braised short ribs hash (and of course we all tried it 😀 ) and it was really delicious; the ribs hash was moist and tasty, and I don’t know if everyone will agree with me but I LOVE cilantro yogurt sauce!! i could eat everything with it. lol.

Ok, on to the next one..

Coconut Brioche French Toast; cream cheese stuffed served with berry coulis & maple syrup

This coconut brioche french toast was AMAZING; really yummy and the cream cheese stuffed? You just really have to try it for yourself. Honestly, it was really really good. SO DELICIOUS!

Patatas Bravas

And oh, we also ordered patatas bravas (fried potatoes) to share and i wouldn’t say it was fantastic but without a doubt it simply, perfectly, complement all our food 🙂

All in all, Balaboosta is a place I would go back and take my friends to. I love the food and the ambience; nice place, not too crowded, service is good, friendly environment, and of course, amazing yummy food.

For more information, kindly check out their website at instagram, facebook, and twitter account @balaboostanyc

Cheers! & Happy Thursday 🙂


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