Indonesia Trip 2016 – Jakarta Culinary #1 – Martabak (stuffed pancake)


Time just flies and I have so many things I want to write about 2016 – and 2017 is only less than a week away 😦

Anyway, as promised, I will write about my recent holiday to Indonesia (my hometown yeayy) and the first thing i will write (right about now) is exactly the first thing that come to my mind every time i come home, that is, Martabak (my ultimate favourite food).

Martabak is a very popular street food in Indonesia; it is basically a stuffed pancake that can be either sweet (can be thin or chubby thick) or savory.

My favorite kind is obviously the sweet martabak that is stuffed with lots and lots and lots of cheese and drizzled with lots and lots and lots of condensed milk.

Okay i’m not gonna talk about martabak in detail because i can talk forever; that’s how much I love it 😀 so I’m just gonna share my three favorite martabak places (in case you’re in town):

  1. Martabak Favourite Rawamangun

For me personally, Maftabak Favourite Rawamangun has the most tastiest and yummiest sweet martabak. Their martabak is literally scrumptious and melt in your mouth. I have been trying (like crazy) to find a good photo of this dearly favourite food of mine but apparently, I have a habit of eating them before taking a nice photo of them 😦 all I could find is this lousy photo I took some time ago but hey, better than nothing right?

This is the packaging of Martabak Favourite Rawamangun (yes they also have martabak stuffed with chocolate and peanuts, which of course just as good as the original – but I LOVE their original martabak more)
Tadaaaa; I swear this photo does not do justice for the taste!!
Can you see that yummy cheese that is damp with condensed milk? oh I can taste it in my mouth right now (take me home 😀 )

If you’re in Jakarta, Indonesia and would like to try one of the best street food there, please do stop by to try Martabak Favourite Rawamangun. They are located at Jalan Balai Pustaka Timur No.24, Rawamangun, Jakarta Timur, 13220, Indonesia (phone number at +62 816-1922-336) and I don’t think they have instagram account so you could google them to find out more and probably to see better photos than I have here lol.

2. Martabakku Menteng

Just like any other food, martabak is obviously able to be elevated to another level. Indeed, Martabakku Menteng has done a great job in doing it; their red velvet oreo cream cheese martabak is definitely one of my favorite martabak “new” flavor ever. I first thought it would be too sweet but no, they actually made it – not light of course – but it’s not THAT sweet either; the sweetness is just right and it’s also really moist and really delicious. Yes people! Martabak now have more than just two sweet flavors (original cheese+condensed milk and Chocolate+peanuts), they have tons of other flavors. Indonesian people are getting creative in food and I’m lovin it. There are other martabak places that have this kind of “new” flavor but since i’m here, I have not tried them all (maybe next year when I come home for another holiday 😛 ). But please do try Martabakku Menteng if you’re around. They have other flavors such as “black series nutella cheese”, “cinnamon crumble”, “espresso overload”, and they also have this very good looking savory martabak with of course “new” flavor such as “marzella” (i believe this is mozzarella martabak?), “Baper aka Black Pepper”, and more. I only have photos of the red velvet one but they fortunately have instagram so check them out at @martabakkumenteng (phone number: +62 815 8588 8588).

Look at that sexy red velvet martabak!!
This is to die for you guys!!

Martabakku Menteng has several locations throughout Jakarta; menteng, ahmad dahlan, cipete, gandaria city, kemang, and pecenongan, so it’s easier for you to find their yummy stuff. Try Try Try!!

3. Martabak Boss

I know I have only mentioned sweet martabak when martabak could actually be savory as well. Sorry for that, my sweet tooth couldnt lie 😀 Anyways, for savoury martabak, my favorite would be the “new” martabak flavor of “Si Tuna Bule” by Martabak Boss. Martabak Boss, like Martabakku Menteng, also has all the “new” sweet and savory flavors, but their “Si Tuna Bule” is definitely a must try. What is “Si Tuna Bule”? “Si Tuna Bule” is a savory martabak stuffed with tuna, cheese, and corn. Very yummy indeed!. Unfortunately, I don’t have a photo of it. I should have though, but I just don’t know where they are. Somehow I couldn’t find it in my laptop. Bummer! Thankfully though, they have an instagram account called @martabakboss. So please check them out. To help you get started I’m gonna “borrow” a photo from their insta. Here it is:

Si Tuna Bule Martabak (Photo by Martabak Boss taken from their instagram acc @martabakboss)

It’s so delicious you guys you just have to try it 🙂 also, martabak boss has locations everywhere; menteng, panglima polim, tebet, gunawarman, tomang, jatinegara, gandaria, pesanggrahan, etc so do check them out and let me know what you think 🙂

Finally, those three martabak places are the ones that i think have the best and yummiest martabak (so far). Indonesia has tons of good food and they are generally flavourful and spicy and yummy and I will try to post them here but as I go along with it, I will also post stuff (mostly food lol) that i find interesting here in NYC – as usual 😀 .

Hope you enjoyed my delicious moment with Martabak. See you soon




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