Bibble & Sip – NYC

Hi there,

Been too long! waayy waayy too long.. Sorry about that 😦

I just got back from my long (and fun) holiday back home in Indonesia. Yep I have tons of stuff i’d like to share – I went to Bali, Jakarta, and more.

Before I start writing my holiday posts though – and since i have been back here in NYC for about a month –  I would like to talk about this cute place called Bibble and Sip, an NYC based bakery cafe located at 253 W 51 st, Manhattan, NY.

Bibble & Sip
Bibble & Sip – Menu
Bibble & Sip – street view table

I went there about two weeks ago; I had been curious about the famous cream puff that’s been all over instagram 😀 (photos below are not from instagram though – I took it right before ordering)


That day I ordered earl grey cream puff (note: cream puffs are sold daily after 12:00 PM), a giant chocolate chip brownie cookie, iced tea for my hubby, and of course my favourite coffee latte (I wanted to try the matcha and dark chocolate cream puffs as well but I didn’t think I could finish them all by myself because the cream puff is quite big and sadly, my husband does not have sweet-tooth like I do so perhaps for some other time *sigh).

Chocolate chip cookie, Earl grey cream puff, and Coffee latte
iced tea & latte

All in all, the place itself was cozy and perfect for afternoon coffee and of course, cream puff was AMAZING – very generous amount of earl grey filling, light, and not too sweet. I loved it!! The chocolate chip brownie cookie was not as phenomenal as the cream puff but indeed a nice, sweet, gooey, and yummy cookie. Latte was good, but obviously Bibble & Sip’s cream puff is the winner.

very generous amount of filling and boy was it delicious and light
Yeah I kinda did dip my cookie in that filling – it was THAT good!

I will definitely come back for more puffs (and other sweets 😀 )!!

For more info on Bibble and Sip, kindly check out their website at also facebook, twitter, and instagram acc under “bibbleandsip”

Hope you guys enjoyed my post and stay tuned for my holiday posts!!

Have a great Wednesday




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