Izakaya Mew – NYC



I came across this restaurant called Izakaya Mew (located at 53 W 35th st – basement) months ago when I was browsing around the web for dinner. I checked out yelp (definitely my tool for checking out some yummy places) and discovered so many good looking photos of food served there and so I thought i’d give it try. But, the first time I went there, it was packed!! Zzzz.. so I went some place else but i was still very curious with the so called Japanese Tapas, and so I invited some friends to come with me and my little family to try it. You know, it feels better to wait the line with your friends other than your cranky-because-hungry-husband and a running-around-3-year-old 😀


Izakaya Mew is located in the basement so it’s easy to miss; pay close attention to the sign “MEW” and after you find the door you’ll go down the stairs like this photo below 🙂


And this is what the place look like:

It is nice right? it’s like a hidden gem; the place is no doubt packed though but to me, it was still cozy and just a place to hang with your friends.

Well, the best part is not just the place and the ambience but obviously the food. I really like that they make tapas-style Japanese food because then you have a reason to eat like a pig on account of the small plates and good company you bring along with you 😀 Although, I must say that some of the plates are quite large for tapas-style, but it just makes it even better right? LOL. Here are some of the food we enjoyed that day (PS: ramen was so good):

Dashi Chazuke with Salmon ($5.95)
Age Tofu ($6.95)
Salmon sashimi taco ($7.95)
Gyu Tataki – seared beef with ponru sauce ($8.95)
My personal favorite: Kani cream croquette ($7.95)
Garlic fried rice with soft boiled egg (so good; $8.95)
Takoyaki Kare Age ($6.95)
Sansai udon ($9.95)
Omu soba ($10.95)
Okonomi Yaki – Japanese pancake ($9.95)
Dessert!! Churro with green tea ice cream ($6.95) & Strawberry mochi ice cream ($2.95)

Okay thats it hahaha..there were four of us plus one little rascal so please mind the amount of food that got into our belly that day (definitely happy bellies 😀 ).

Hope you enjoyed this post. Izakaya Mew is surely a place you need to check out. Place is good and food are really good. Price? well it depends on how many you choose to have obviously but all in all it’s worth it 🙂

For more information on Izakaya Mew kindly check out their website at http://www.mewnyc.com or instagram page @izakayamew (#iloveMEWyork).



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