Genes Cafe at Barneys NY – NYC


Genes Cafe table

Have you guys been to Genes Cafe at Barneys NY? I really like the place; it’s small with only one long black table and monitor inside the table for each seat. Love!

I went to Barneys NY with my mom the other day and we got a little hungry after a bit of retail therapy, so we decided to try Genes Cafe for some treats.

The cafe is located on the 8th floor. The place is really nice, the ambience is casual yet cozy, and since there is only one table, it is just the perfect place for two (or four top); for a good quality time with your mom or best friend (see photo below). As you can see, the place is intimate, I should say, yet very modern and quite futuristic too (they still have waiters though) 😀

So, we ordered our food and drinks through the touch screen monitor in front of us and after few clicks here and there, we finished our orders. Too bad I didn’t make a video out of it. It was actually pretty cool. Perhaps next time? 😀 but if you are curious, check out youtube. I believe someone posted something about it already 🙂

That day, we had iced tea ($4) and ice latte ($6.50) for drinks and also caesar salad ($19) with grilled chicken (add $8) and fresh chickpea hummus with homemade pita chips (12). Yumm!!

Iced tea and Iced latte
Caesar salad with grilled chicken
Hummus & pita bread

In general, I love this pretty-and-nice-but-not-your-avergae cafe. The food and drinks were great and delicious. Price might be just a little pricey but of course it’s inside Barneys and since it’s a really cool one too, i think the price is worth the experience.

For more information on Genes at Barneys NY and also their full menu, please check out their website at!/stores/901




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