Quick Review #3 – JARS by Dani


Jars by Dani


I gotta say I loovee jarsss. But cake in a jar – definitely take the jar into another level 😀


I have been so curious to try this very pretty and good looking sweets inside a jar crafted by Dani Beckerman so I went to Bloomingdales some weeks ago because I saw on @jarsbydani instagram acc that they are selling the jars there but.. so sad that when I got there, the salesperson was taking a break. But then I remembered, they also sell the jars at Dylan’s candy bar – Woohhoooo – because Dylan’s candy bar is just right in front of Bloomingdales. So I went to Dylan’s Candy Bar and yeayyy I got to buy two jars (wanted to buy more but didn’t know how to finish them at once 😀 ).

And so,

I bought Cookies n Cream and Original fudge and took both of them to eat at home 🙂

Cookies n cream & Original fudge
Jars by Dani – Original Fudge

Overall, I liked both of them but to me, the original fudge is the winner! The cake was moist and yummy and of course, the rainbow sprinkles made it even better. I’d give 4 out of 5 but OBVIOUSLY i gotta try all the flavors – soon. Ha! Wish me luck 😀

Before I end this quick review, I gotta say, the jars are really pretty so I think it would be a good idea to have it as gift or birthday cake or surprise present. Please do check out their instagram acc @jarsbydani for more attractive and charming photos of these pretty jars. Clapping my hands for Dani Beckerman and wishing her luck for future yumminess in a jar.



One thought on “Quick Review #3 – JARS by Dani

  1. I bought these so surprise my husband on his birthday! I wanted a unique treat for his birthday cake. I came across jars by Dani and had them shipped to Delaware overnight. They were a delicious success that our whole family enjoyed!
    Here’s a great review on this yummy product! https://youtu.be/uAOo3JibKn4


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