Ralph’s Coffee NYC

Hi there 🙂

Ralph’s Coffee cute counter

Apart from boutique cafes inside department stores (e.g., Genes cafe @ Barneys NY, David Burke at Bloomingdales, etc), it seems that boutiques serving coffee has been a growing trend nowadays (e.g., Toby’s  estate at Club Monaco, etc) . I gotta be honest I’m actually a fan of this trend. I guess having a little treat after shopping (or window shopping) is quite enjoyable (and relaxing i must say 😀 ).


One of those boutique coffees I tried a while ago was Ralph’s Coffee at Ralph Lauren’s Fifth avenue store (2nd floor, 711 5th ave, New York). I went there with my baby brother who was visiting me here all the way from Jakarta, indonesia and so I thought I’d take him for a coffee date at this cute coffee place inside the famous Ralph Lauren boutique 😀 (and oh.. Have I mentioned before that last year when I went to Ralph Lauren I actually met the talented designer? I was so excited that I just stunned there when I suppose to ask for a selfie? oh i hate myself for that 😀 ).

Back to the coffee place..

That day, I had hot chocolate instead of my regular Latte just because I just had latte only an hour before with my friends. And since my brother was having latte, I could just steal a sip of his drink 😀

Hot Chocolate ($3.50)
Coffee Latte ($4.50)

I love both the coffee and the hot choco but what I really love is actually the place. The ambience is really nice and cozy I could relax, and if I were to bring a laptop there, I might stay for hours LOL. I and brother got a table in front of this large mirror, which I found exciting because then i could take tons of mirror selfies 😀 (just kidding, i’m not THAT self-loving).

Really nice and intimate coffee shop. LOVE
coffee date; drinks and phones. Ha! 


Other than coffee and some yummy treats (that I didn’t get to try that day because I just had lunch 😦 ), Ralph’s Coffee also sell their merchandise like mugs, teddy bears, caps, chocolates, T-shirts, and of course their own coffee blend.

Ralph’s Coffee
More cute stuff 🙂

Overall, I would definitely go back there to enjoy afternoon coffee and to try their muffins and other yumminess. A great coffee place indeed!!

Hope you guys enjoyed reading this post! For more info on Ralph’s Coffee, please check out their website at http://www.ralphlauren.com or twitter @RalphsCoffee.

Have a great Monday Everyone 🙂


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