Quick Review #1 – Lego Ideas Big Bang Theory


This is my first Quick Review post. Under this category I will be reviewing some fun stuff from books, toys, fashion, etc. And it’ll be a quick ones hehe..


For my first quick review, I would talk about Lego Ideas Big Bang Theory. Who doesn’t love Lego right? I’ve been in love with Lego since forever; I believe I have all paradise edition 😀


I love Big Bang Theory and I definitely love Lego and so when I saw this big bang theory lego I went a lil’ crazy and I bought it and i love love love it even more. From 1 to 5, this lego is definitely a 5; the size is great – not too big so you can show it off on your rack, easy to build – not as difficult as the technic ones, and i love all the little details of the apartment – so cute I wanna live in it 😀

photo 2
Instruction book
photo 1
What’s inside the first time you open the box
photo 3
Look how cute are these!
photo 4
Halfway there
photo 5
Tadaaaaa!! finished and loved it!!

Hope you guys enjoyed that 🙂

Cheers and have a great Wednesday.


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