Burger & Lobster NYC

Hi everyone!

These Lobsters are ready to welcome you the first time you set foot in the restaurant 🙂

Have you guys been to Burger & Lobster? This London restaurant chain opened their first location outside London here in New York City back in 2014. I have been curious to try this restaurant since they only offer three menus; beef burger, whole lobster, and lobster roll (all for $20 each – excluding combo menu that offers two burgers and one whole lobster that costs $60), which I found interesting for a restaurant that fit about 350 people. And so, I went there a couple of weeks ago to give it a try.

Burger & Lobster NYC is located in flatiron area (39 W 19 St between 5th & 6th Ave) and the the restaurant is huge. When I got there, people were standing in front of the lobster aquarium and some were sitting in the bar, drinking, while waiting for their table. Despite of tons of people waiting, I didn’t really wait too long. I was there with my family and we got our table after about 15 minutes, which was great considering we got there at dinner time.

Anyways, we ordered all three menus plus one combo because we wanted to try everything (thank god they only have three 😀 ). My food photos are coming up in a second (as usual) but overall, I think the food are great and very yummyyyy..between the burger and the whole lobster, I personally think the burger is the winner. The burger was really delicious; beef was juicy, bun was nice and right consistency, I just loved it. However, the garlic lemon (i think it was lemon but i’m not sure – please correct me if i’m wrong) sauce that was supposed to be enjoyed with the lobster was sooo gooddd, I even ate my burger with it 😀 And the lobster roll, I don’t know if it’s just me who happens to have a thing with lobster roll (and tiles lol) but the lobster roll was also very delicious. I loved the brioche bun – really good.

Finally, my fave part; dessert!! Okay this may sound like i’m such a pig but I just couldn’t say no to dessert. Ha. It turns out that the combo menu comes with two kinds of desserts. I can’t remember all of them but I ended up with strawberry cheesecake mousse and coconut sorbet (I am not a fan of anything coconut except coconut water and real coconut fruit – my mom ordered this 😀 ). I only ate the strawberry cheesecake mousse and even though I was like super stuffed, I finished the mousse because it was so good (and again, thank god the portion was small).

Okay now, please enjoy my food photos and I hope it’ll make you want to eat as much as i do 😀

Beef Burger & Combo (burger and lobster) – all comes with super yummy salad and fries
Closer look – burger and lobster with that yummy sauce
Lobster roll – delish!
Strawberry cheesecake mousse & coconut sorbet

That is all for tonite guys 🙂 As usual, for more info, please check out Burger and Lobster website at http://www.burgerandlobster.com twitter page @burger_lobster or instagram acc @burgerandlobsterusa



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