Have you guys heard Mondrian hotel in Soho NYC (located at 9 Crosby St)? Yes it was a very cool-modern-artsy kinda hotel with a very nice restaurant for brunch/lunch/dinner. Recently (or some time last year), however, the name was changed into NOMO SOHO and it was basically rebranded.

I have heard some nice reviews for the restaurant especially for brunch and lunch but I haven’t got a chance to try it until few weeks ago when my cousin from Connecticut visited us and I thought “why don’t we try Nomo Kitchen?”


The photos above are what you will find the first time you spotted the place and right next to it, you will find the most famous (i’m pretty sure everyone who come to Nomo would take photo here) and nice-looking-green tunnel (photo below)

Hi! this is me, my mom, and my baby boo 🙂 

This “tunnel” is the main entrance to the hotel and restaurant. We arrived there in the afternoon and we didn’t make a reservation but fortunately we got table for all seven of us 😀 yeayyy!! Also, I gotta say the service was great and everyone was nice. Not to mention, the restaurant is indeed very pretty; I loved the interior and the ambience. And they have their own DJ playing us some nice music (was a bit loud for afternoon though but it was great selections of music 🙂 ).

After we sat and done looking through our menu, we ordered some yummy stuff.and I couldn’t wait to try all 😀

This is me waiting for my food while watching people 😀

And, here comes those yummy stuff:

Chicken Paillard ($29) – Winner!! so good!!
Mini Tacos ($19) – also good but take the name literally because it’s really mini 😀
Shrimp Kale Cesar ($24)
Eggs Benedict with Smoked Salmon ($21) – This is of course my order
From the taste, the egg benedict is delicious but I think the eggs were just a little bit overcooked 
Fish N Chips ($25) – yummyy!
Nomo Burger ($23) – great burger 🙂
Finally, Latte for dessert ($6) 

Overall, the place is really nice, the ambience is cozy, the people and service is really great, and the food are all yummy, and thus, this is one of many places you should definitely try when you’re in the neighbourhood. Plus, the location is only a block away from Opening Ceremony 😀

For more information and full menu, kindly check out their website at or twitter thenomosoho or instagram acc @thenomosoho

Hope you guys enjoyed this post!



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