Cheese Grille – NYC

Hi there!


One of my favourite comfort foods ever is definitely grilled cheese! So yummy and fast to make 🙂 But of course, you can taste different grilled cheese in different places and one of grilled cheese places I tried few months ago was Cheese Grille in Lower east side, Manhattan, NY (188 Allen st).

The place was definitely cute and comfy and it was not crowded at all when I got there in the afternoon so to me, it is always a good thing because I usually had to wait like a loonngg time to be seated in most of the restaurants I visited 😛


Other than a great place to catch up with your friends, the food was also great and of course, they have my favourite beer ever, Stella Artois (on draft $7). So serving the combination of grilled cheese and Ms. Stella definitely means a place-to-come-back-to for me 😀

That day, I ordered Classic grilled cheese ($6), Buffalo chicken grilled cheese ($9), Cheese fries ($7), and Banana mascarpone for the sweet grilled cheese menu ($7). All were delicious and yummy, and perfect for munching in the afternoon. To me specifically though, the sweet grilled cheese was the winner. But maybe because I’m a sweet tooth so all the sweet things are always the winner. Ha! It made my day though 😀

Banana Mascarpone, Buffalo Chicken, and Classic grilled cheese
Banana mascarpone grilled cheese; So good!
Cheese Fries; cheese was so yummy

For more information on Cheese Grille, kindly check out their website at or their instagram account @cheesegrillenyc.

Browse and eat 😀

Hope enjoyed this post 🙂

Cheers and happy FRIYAY!!



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