Martha’s Country Bakery – Queens, NYC

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Martha's Bakery entrance
Martha’s Bakery entrance

As promised, I am now going to talk about Martha’s Country Bakery, conveniently located near Vanilla Sky at 70-28 Austin st Forest Hills. Established back in 1972, Martha’s Country Bakery is a really nice place to have dessert. Not just because the place is comfy and cute and with friendly ambience, but ultimately, it is because they have tons of sweets selection. I am not joking, once you get there, you will feel like you want to eat everything but you immediately realize you can’t because Martha has everything from cakes (whole/slices), pastries, pudding, pies, tarts, cupcakes, cake pops, cookies, muffins, danish, pound cakes, strudels, sweet dough, macarons, gelato, sorbet, and up to savory pies, frozen mixed drinks, all kinds of coffee, hot choco, ice tea, and of course bottled water 😀 you name it they got it. Just like I said, you will get confused (in a good way confused) lol.

Further, Martha’s Country Bakery has several locations in Queens; Forest Hills, Astoria, and Bayside. The one I have been visiting for several times now is the one located in Forest Hills and so all photos I took would be from Forest Hills Martha 🙂 So far, I have managed to try Martha’s tiramisu, red velvet cake, carrot cake, and custard napoleon (the photo I used for my featured imeage is apple crumble tart – i bought it for my aunt so I didn’t try it). The tiramisu is delicious. Although I must say I have tried better ones before but Martha’s tiramisu is ok. The red velvet, I love it. It has “traditional” taste to it I couldn’t really explain but it’s super. Definitely a must try. The carrot cake is yummy and moist, just a little sweet for me I guess but the custard napoleon is definitely a winner! really good you just have to try it yourself 🙂

Altogether, Martha’s Country Bakery is a hidden gem with lots of something sweet to find (and the price is also affordable).

Here are the photos:

Martha's is always full!
Martha’s is always full!
Drink bar
Drink bar
Sweet thangg!
Sweet thangg!
More sweet please!
More sweet please!
Tarts display
Tarts display
Red Velvet slice cake; super! (pardon the photo - I took the photo after a bite lol)
Red Velvet slice cake; super! (pardon the photo – I took the photo after a bite lol)
Apple Crumble Tart (Approx. $15 - good price indeed)
Apple Crumble Tart (Approx. $15 – good price indeed)
Carrot cake & Custard Napoleon
Carrot cake & Custard Napoleon

Do visit Martha’s Country Bakery and let me know what you think about it 🙂 For more info on Martha’s please check out their website at and their instagram @marthascountrybakery_ (though i think they are not really updating their ig acc 😀 )

Cheers and have a great FRIYEAYY!!


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