Psychology Box

Welcome to my Psychology Box!

Psychology Box is simply another category in my page that the blog-posts in it covers anything related to Psychology. Since our everyday lives; how we think, how we act, how we choose, our attitude, and a thousand more, is pretty much related to psychology, I think there would be much to write about under this category.

I decided to have this “introductory page” for this special category of mine because I thought it would be a bit off the wall to one minute write about fun-stuff-you-dont-have-to-do-any-thinking-activity-to-understand-it such as delicious food and happy places around the world, and another minute writing about something a bit more serious like ‘how your language determine your way of thinking and vice versa’. Well I suppose, everybody has both fun and serious side and lets just say this my serious (but not too serious of course 😀 ) side so I need to do a bit of explanation :).

Indeed, I majored in Psychology and even though I am no longer in school, Psychology; why people think that, why did they do that, what made them choose that, etc is still something I’m pretty much curious about and that is why I decided to have this category. Oh, I will probably post my school papers as well just so they don’t get wasted and lost in a file somewhere in my laptop. Who knows, someone out there may find it useful LOL.

In the meantime though, my Psychology Box will contain two minor categories:
1) people & inspiration; where I will interview people from anywhere around the world with all different backgrounds (wish me luck cause this might be a little difficult 😀 ). I always find that anybody has their own stories and I think it would be interesting as well as inspiring to read about other people.
2) Phenomena; where I will write about events that I find fascinating.

I think that’s all for now. Hopefully I could write about things that are not too dull to read about. Wish me luck 🙂


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