Ralph’s Coffee NYC

Hi there 🙂 Apart from boutique cafes inside department stores (e.g., Genes cafe @ Barneys NY, David Burke at Bloomingdales, etc), it seems that boutiques serving coffee has been a growing trend nowadays (e.g., Toby’s  estate at Club Monaco, etc) . I gotta be honest I’m actually a fan of this trend. I guess having a … More Ralph’s Coffee NYC

HERSHEY’s Chocolate World – Pennsylvania

Hello 🙂 Before I start, Merry ‘belated’ Christmas to everyone. I’m sorry for the late greetings but better late than never right? hehehe..And oh.. Happy Holidays!! Hope everyone is having a great time.  And to add more sweetness for this holiday season, i’ll be writing about Hesrshey’s Chocolate World on this current post, which I went … More HERSHEY’s Chocolate World – Pennsylvania

Hello Amish Village

hiiiiii!!! Again, I haven’t been around much lately. My family was in town and so we just went everywhere 😀 Anyways, one of the places we visited was The Amish Village in Pennsylvania. I have always loved getting to know about other people; their culture, religion, well..anything that makes them who and what they are. … More Hello Amish Village