Penelope NYC


Penelope the cafe, bakery, and bar
Penelope the cafe, bakery, and bar

Another brunch post! I have to admit i am a sucker for brunch so please bear with my brunch posts 😀

Penelope, as I quote from their website, is a cafe, wine bar, and bakery that opened its doors in the summer of 2003. I was browsing for brunch spot on the internet one day and decided to try this one. And guess what? no regret at all. LOL. The place is super cute; the interior is mostly wooden-kinda-old-house type, the ambience was cozy-you-can-spend-the-entire-day-sitting-and-chatting-and-eat, and believe me or not, I and my friends actually spent almost five hours there eating and laughing and eating and drinking and laughing again :D.

Overall, the food is great! I had Nutella French Toast and it was painfully delicious. Seriously, it was like they poured one whole jar of nutella into it and the caramel sauce was just to die for. I don’t want you to stop drooling so here are the photos:

Nutella French Toast
Nutella French Toast; Brioche french toast filled with warm chocolatehazelnut filling, dusted with powder sugar, and served with caramelized bananas
Oh just look at that!
Oh just look at that!
Farmer's Market Omelette
Farmer’s Market Omelette
Salmon Wrapped Poached Egg
Salmon Wrapped Poached Egg

Penelope is located at 159 Lexington avenue @ 30th st. I am not sure if Penelope had instagram account but do check out their website at for more info and pictures.



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